Servizio taxi privato
Phone +39.0166.513.532 - Mobile +39.333.58.390.59


How may we book a transfer?
You may book online by filling in the booking form, as an alternative you may send us an e-mail with a specific request.

Where will we find our driver?
After your booking, we shall send you an e-mail/fax with all the details, the identification sign, the meeting point and the cell phone number.

What must we do in case there is a flight delay?
Call our contact number immediately or send an sms/e-mail using your cell contact number, in this way the driver will wait for you. The first hour wait is free after which you shall pay 22 euros for each hour or fraction of an hour.

What happens if we do not find our driver?
Call us and we will put you in touch with him.

Are children calculated in the number of persons who utilize the transfer?
Not necessarily. In order to decide, we require detailed information regarding your trip, via e-mail.

How long will the driver wait after the flight has landed?
If no contact has been established after sixty minutes, the driver will leave. If you are having trouble with your luggage or at customs call the contact number.

Is the rate intended as per person or per vehicle?
Per vehicle.

We would like a child car seat, what should we do?
On many routes you may obtain a child car seat for free upon request.

May we stop for purchases during the trip?
Stops are not scheduled, therefore it is at the driver’s discretion. The rate is 22 euros per hour or fraction of an hour.

Is there an additional charge for night/holiday services?

May we drive in limited traffic areas?
Refer to the page describing general terms and conditions.

What should we do if we do not find the answer to our question?
Refer to the page describing general terms and conditions.

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Mobile +393335839059 +393388269338 (extra)
Transfer services 24-7, business hours from 3 to 11 p.m. (7-7)
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