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Information note Article 13 of Decree of Law 196/2003.

The treatment of personal data, whose conferment is necessary to the conclusion and execution of the contract, is carried out with full respect of the Decree of Law 196/2003, in paper or digital form.

The gathered data shall be used exclusively for the above mentioned finalities.

The client may at any time exercise his rights per Article 7 of Decree of Law 196/2003 contacting the data controller at Taxi Autonoleggio Willi of A. Willi, Saint-Vincent (Aosta).

Компания по прокату автомобилей “Taxi Autonoleggio Willi”
Ул. Аллиод ,33
Валле-д'Аоста, Италия
Тел. +390166513532 Факс +390166513532
Мобильный тел. +393335839059 +393388269338 (для чрезвычайных ситуаций)
Обслуживание по трансферу 24-7, часы работы офиса с 15 до 23 часов ежедневно
Электронный адрес:
Код НДС: 00462380072

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