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General terms and conditions

1. The hourly service has a minimum duration of two hours, excluding the transfer.
2. The direct transfer rate (without any stops) is calculated based on the kilometers.
3. The airport transfer service has special rates (personalized rates for tour operators) which you may request via e-mail.
4. Each passenger may bring one suitcase and one item of hand luggage respectively until 160 and 115 cm (parameter obtainable by adding the three dimensions, width+height+depth). Any surplus luggage (skis, snowboards, extra large suitcases etc) must be declared during booking in order to ensure the vehicle is suitable to transport this type of luggage.
5. The driver may, at his discretion, refuse the undeclared surplus luggage, which may compromise the transports’ safety.
6. Willis Taxi commits to doing everything within reasonable limits to ensure that its vehicles or those driven by collaborators arrive to the departure appointments and destination arrivals on time, however we shall not be held responsible for delays due to force majeure.
7. All the vehicles were registered recently and have an insurance which covers passengers.
8. All the objects which are transported travel under your responsibility in case of loss or theft. Diligently keep track of your luggage at your departure. The luggage is insured in case of an accident.
9. If Willis Taxi is unable, due to logistic reasons, to transport by means of its own vehicles and/or those belonging to collaborators the passengers to the destination they have booked and paid for, it shall organize the transfer by other means (taxi, rental with driver, car rental) and shall subsequently reimburse the client or passenger the cost of the transport upon presentation of receipt/invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer may not exceed the agreed upon rate of the route itself.
10. Willis Taxi may be held responsible for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly imputable to its competences. In such cases there shall be a fixed reimbursement limited to 50 euros per service.
11. Willis Taxi retains the right to vary these agreements at any time, both in part and in full, without prior notice given to the clients, tour operators, agencies etc.
12. The client is obligated to inform us, in a short period, regarding any problems or disservices imputable to us, in order to resolve them to the client’s full satisfaction.
13. These transport conditions and all the services linked to them respect the laws which regulate the Italian service production, this guarantees the safeguarding of the passenger and his luggage.
14. You are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or eat inside the vehicles.
15. If you wish to transport pets, please let us know beforehand via e-mail. Your pet’s trip abroad is subject to regulations.
16. The clients or users who wish to travel in limited traffic areas (ZTL, Milan Area C, Airports), are required to inform us when they make their booking and in any case at least four days prior to the transfer. Failing which, the driver may at his discretion refuse to enter in these areas.
17. Passengers must carry an individual passport or other document valid for all the countries passed through during the itinerary, as well as valid residency visa and transit visa if necessary.
18. The client may recede the contract for any reason whatsoever, without penalty by cancelling or changing the booking 72 hours prior to the service. In special cases cancellations which are received later, but not any later than 24 hours prior to departure, may be accepted; after this limit the transfer must be paid to the extent of 100%.
19. In the case of a cancelled/diverted flight or with a delay of more than 30 minutes to departure time, the passenger/client must inform us to guarantee our presence at his arrival. Failure to do so shall exclude the right to have a vehicle available.
20. Payment in cash, Euro, CHF or USD, is made directly to the driver, with EU-bank transfer or through PayPal via e-mail/invoice (adding 5%) that accept all major credit and prepaid cards.
21. Payment may be requested beforehand in full or to the extent of 50%.
22. In the case of controversies, originating from linguistic issues, the English version or the Italian version on the website shall prevail in any case.

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